54 migrants killed, 105 injured as trailer overturns

On the morning of Wednesday, February 14th 2019, a trailer carrying 54 migrants to an Italian port overturned on the side of a road in Lampedusa. Several hundred people were waiting for transportation when it happened

The “migrant truck kills more than” is a recent news story that has been circulating the internet. There were 54 migrants killed and 105 injured when a trailer overturned in Mexico.

54 migrants killed, 105 injured as trailer overturns



The murder of 54 Guatemalan migrants in Chiapas, Mexico, has brought attention to the hazards of illegal migration. According to reports, 105 individuals have been hurt and are being treated at local hospitals. The vehicle toppled due to the 166 passengers jammed inside.

Migrants are often forced to travel in hazardous situations by human traffickers. The catastrophe occurred in Mexico, and witnesses and survivors regarded it as one of the deadliest migrant accidents ever. Chiapas is a major transit hub for migrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States.

The number of migrants has been broken down by the authorities. 95 of them seemed to be from Guatemala, three from the Dominican Republic, and one from each of Honduras, Mexico, and Ecuador.

According to Al Jazeera, local media broadcast video of the aftermath of the catastrophe. Many of the survivors, according to rescuers, attempted to leave the scene. They were afraid about being detained by immigration officers. In October of this year, a refrigerated van arrived in Essex carrying the corpses of migrants from Vietnam.

The migrants’ truck collided with a steel pedestrian bridge.

According to one of the Guatemalan migrants who was hurt, the vehicle collided into the base of a steel pedestrian bridge. He further said that those who perished were standing against the trailer’s walls.

He was in the middle of the car and was injured but lived.

According to Al Jazeera, most migrants were attempting to flee poverty, conflict, and insecurity in their home countries. They trek across Mexico to reach the American border, believing that America would provide them with a more stable existence. Smugglers arrange their own transportation, which is not always secure.

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In July 2019, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Europe collapsed, killing at least 150 people.

While passing through Mexico, migrants and asylum seekers have been murdered or wounded.

There has been a rise in the number of migrants crossing the southern border with Mexico in recent months. They want to come to America and are hoping for the Biden administration’s more liberal border policies.

President Biden, on the other hand, kept several of his predecessor Donald Trump’s initiatives.

According to Al Jazeera, there have been previous cases of migrants being killed. Twelve of them killed in Chiapas last month after two vehicles collided and caught fire. Some of them were burnt to death inside a vehicle in January. They had gunshot holes in this link, and officials apprehended a member of an elite Mexican police team.

Nearly 1000 migrants crossed the English Channel in a single day in September. Those who flee their native nation in search of refuge in another country do so for legitimate reasons. Unscrupulous elements profit from the circumstance, and migrants accept perils in their attempt to start a new life.

Migrants are dying at the US-Mexico border.

According to CNN, the number of people killed at the US-Mexico border this year is higher than in prior years. This is the conclusion of an international organization that started recording fatalities in 2014. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the name of the organization. It did not say why the people died, but it did say that entering the US southern border is difficult and dangerous. There have been deaths and rescues as a result of such excursions.

“The escalating migrant death toll in the area is quite disturbing,” an IOM official said. The number of migrants apprehended at the US southern border has remained high this year. This was true even in months when sales are typically lower.

This would imply that many of them would have to deal with adversity.

Many fatalities at the border were attributable to heat exhaustion, according to US Customs and Border Protection. The number of rescues increased in June. Human traffickers would dump migrants in isolated and hazardous regions, according to CBP, and they would have to be rescued.


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The “mexico border crash video” is a video of 54 migrants killed, and 105 injured as a trailer overturns. The video was taken by a bystander on the Mexico-US border.

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