8 Best Wireshark Alternatives for better Network Traffic Analysis

Wireshark is the most popular and widely used network protocol analyzer in the world, but not everyone needs to use it. This article identifies eight alternative tools that might be a better choice for some people’s specific needs.

The “cloudshark” is a network traffic analysis tool that can be used to monitor and analyze the data that passes through a computer’s network. It is an alternative to Wireshark.

Do you want to know what the finest Wireshark alternatives are? Check out this list of 8 comparable free programs that operate with Windows and Mac and have similar capabilities. You know how vital Wireshark is for network monitoring, troubleshooting, and software analysis if you’re a network administrator.

This famous network sniffer comes in helpful anytime packet/network analysis is required. The malware essentially turns your network card into a promiscuous mode, enabling the computer to gather all network data. It cannot, however, be used to transfer network data.

The most significant downside of this application is that it is readily hacked, giving network administrators problems. As a result, consumers often seek for safer alternatives, which are plenty.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the best Wireshark replacements:

Savvius Omnipeek

While it is not free software like Wireshark, it is widely regarded as the world’s most powerful network protocol analyzer. It provides the quickest network troubleshooting and diagnostics for those unexpected network difficulties, with the ability to decode over 1000 protocols.


  • It operates as a real-time network packet analyzer for all sorts of network segments, from 1/10/40/100 Gigabit, 802.11, through voice and video over IP – and for every level of network traffic.
  • Furthermore, it provides responsive visualization and effective forensics for faster resolutions of any network and application performance or security concerns.
  • The tool, which is widely used in the business for network research, makes it simple to dig down, compare, locate, look across, and store the MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution).
  • Omnipeek can potentially assist troubleshoot the problem by extending network analysis and visibility.
  • It also makes debugging its WiFi adaptor, which is built for wireless packet capture, a breeze.
  • It also enables for real-time audio and video over IP traffic monitoring and troubleshooting. It provides multi-media summary statistics at the top level, detailed signaling, media inquiry, and call playback.
  • The Ominipeek Remote Assistant (ORA), on the other hand, allows an engineer to remotely, securely, and easily troubleshoot end-user devices utilizing password-protected data.
  • For various frequent network difficulties, the expert system below suggests a plausible root cause interpretation.
  • It also immediately notifies you of any prospective network difficulties based on expert opinions.
  • Best of all, the LiveNX function allows you to rapidly switch from flow to packet analysis.

Free trial is available.

Solarwinds deeep packet inspection tool

This network analysis tool aids in determining the true cause of a slow network. SolarWinds Deep Packet Inspection and Analysis tool is one of the finest alternatives to Wireshark when it comes to fast determining the cause of a slow network, calculating the reaction time for over 1200 apps, and automatically classifying network data.


  • The tool’s sole mission is to swiftly discover and address the root cause of network sluggishness.
  • Deep Packet Inspection also discovers the programs that are impacted.
  • Calculates the reaction time for you for various programs such as Facebook, Skype, and others. This aids in the evaluation of the overall impact on the user experience.
  • It helps categorize traffic into distinct groups by using packet analysis. The categorization is based on the IP addresses of the destination servers, the ports that are used, and the overall relative amounts of traffic for each version.

Visit https://www.solarwinds.com/network-performance-monitor/use-cases/deep-packet-inspection for more information.

Free trial is available.

zabbix Network monitoring

Zabbix provides a variety of services, including network monitoring. This enterprise-ready software provides a full-featured, business-level platform for managing large-scale IT infrastructures. It keeps track of over 100,000 hosts and 100,000 metrics. It can keep an eye on several branches and from behind the firewall using distributed monitoring. It also has strong security features such as end-to-end password protection and verification.


  • Intelligent and high-level automated metric collecting is available.
  • Templates for creativity are included.
  • Agents are included for the majority of platforms.
  • Auto-discovery mode is available.
  • Ability to identify issues using sophisticated approaches such as trend prediction, irregularity detection, and problem prediction
  • Event correlation, customizable escalation scenario, and remote command execution are some of the innovative ways it alerts you and seeks solutions.

Free of charge

PRTG Monitor is one of the top network monitoring tools on the list since it maintains track of all of an IT company’s systems, devices, traffic, and applications. The greatest aspect is that it does not need installation and includes everything you require.


  • Ability to scan network packets by pinging different IP ranges to automatically detect several devices and systems. This also aids in the creation of sensors using pre-made device templates.
  • PRTG Maps enables you to create public-facing web pages with real-time monitoring data.
  • When it identifies warnings or abnormal metrics, it sends you an alert.
  • The tool analyzes all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including traffic, bandwidth, databases, packets, and apps, as well as IPs, IoT devices, ports, cloud services, and uptime.
  • PRTG supports a wide range of technologies, including PowerShell, Python, Flow Technologies, Visual Basic, Batch Scripting, all versions of SNMP, WMI, Ping, SQL, and more.
  • It works on all platforms, including Windows and cloud-based versions.
  • For monitoring, it employs an AJAX web interface or a desktop client.
  • Many mobile devices are also supported.
  • Can be launched in a matter of minutes

The cost of 500 sensors and one server installation begins at $1600.


NetStumbler is a Windows-only tool that locates WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks) utilizing the 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g standards. Obtaining this information allows you to find more facts and alterations that will aid in the configuration of your network.


  • The utility is mostly used for wardriving, although it may also be used to evaluate network configurations.
  • Within a WLAN, the tool makes it simple to locate weak signal spots.
  • This may be used by businesses to identify unlawful WLANs that provide access to outside users, resulting in trespassing.
  • With the fundamental set of tools, it makes it simple to determine the ideal placement for your WiFi router. This aids you in doing a thorough site examination.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface featuring a window, menu, button bar, and two panels. The browsing features as well as wireless LAN details may be found here.
  • Provides detailed information on the networks discovered, as well as the routers and access points that are connected to them.
  • To examine the signal strength, signal loss, and noise level, use the list or graph views.
  • Set the scan speed and the Auto Adjust Using GPS option on the settings box.
  • Angle Format may be used to setup your GPS device, enable SNR’s MIDI output, or handle Scripting from inside the screen area.

Free of charge


Sysdig is a cloud-native visibility and security platform that is the first of its type. This open-source, multi-platform program provides robust and customizable system monitoring features. It also makes troubleshooting in the Linux environment much easier. It is, nevertheless, compatible with Windows and Mac OSX, but with restricted functionality. It may also be used to troubleshoot, survey, and analyze systems.


  • Sysdig unifies all of the Linux monitoring and debugging responsibilities into a single application. It, for example, combines all of the utilities strace, tcpdump, netstat, htop, iftop, and isof into a single application.
  • With a comprehensive approach, it’s quick, stable, and simple to use.
  • Built-in support for container technologies such as Docker and others.
  • Supports convenient output filtering as well as system and application tracing.
  • Allows you to record, save, filter, and investigate the Linux system’s and containers’ real activity.
  • It’s simple to integrate with Puppet, Logstash, and Ansible.
  • Provides the most comprehensive data set, as well as a data-first strategy that aids in the development of reliable and secure applications (containerized).
  • It’s a cloud-native visibility and security platform that operates as a container security app.
  • It provides business-level container monitoring with increased software stability, as well as sophisticated container troubleshooting to speed up issue resolution.
  • Allows ethical hackers to use features like Linux server attack analysis.
  • Sample sophisticated log analysis may be triggered and written in Lua.

Free of charge


Cloudshark is another well-known network analysis tool that changes your team’s packet capture method into a secure, modern platform geared for collaboration, organization, and investigation. This is more of an on-site collaboration and a web-based platform for networking teams that focuses on packet analysis.

Here’s how to verify the Wifi Password you’ve stored in Windows 10.


  • You may drag and drop the capture right into the browser using the drag and drop function.
  • Alternatively, you may use the API key to upload.
  • It serves as a storage location for the created files.
  • Allows you to rapidly connect your work so that you may share it with clients and coworkers.
  • Readers may use the tool to get cutting-edge analyses from any device, and no extra software is necessary.

Price ranges from $4500 to $4500 each year.


Cacti is a complete network monitoring solution that takes use of the RRDTool’s data storing and graphing capabilities. It has user management tools, cutting-edge templating, a rapid poller, and a variety of data collecting methods. The user interface is straightforward, responsive, and user-friendly, and it can help with LAN-sized installations and networks with a large number of devices.


  • Provides support for an unlimited number of graph objects that may be defined for individual graphs utilizing the program’s data sources or CDEFs.
  • Graph data may be manipulated using CDEF math functions, which are included with the RRDTool. These functions may be described in the program and applied globally to each graph.
  • Supports all of RRDTool’s graph item variations, including HRULE, PRINT, STACK, COMMENT, AREA, VRULE, and LINE [1-3].
  • Allows for quick re-sequencing of the graph by automatically combining AREA, STACK, and LINE[1-3] (GPRINT graph components).
  • Supports auto-padding to ensure that the graph legend text is aligned.
  • The create and update features in RRDTool assist in the creation of data sources.
  • Allow RRD files with one or more data sources to be supported.
  • RRA parameters may be customized.
  • Provides a data input technique that allows users to provide custom scripts to assist with data collection.
  • SNP support is built in, as well as the ability to restore data via an SNMP script.
  • Templating allows you to arrange similar graphs and data sources together.
  • List view arranges each graph title in one huge list, while tree view enables you to construct graph rankings and place graphs on trees. In the preview view, on the other hand, all of the graphs are shown in a single huge list.
  • Administrators may utilize the user administration tool to create new users and assign new access levels to them.

Free of charge

Final Thoughts

While Wireshark is unquestionably the best option, the competitors may have some features that appeal to you. Instead of relying only on the software, it’s always best to expand your horizons and try new things for a better overall experience. You never know what it could have that Wireshark doesn’t. So, choose one of the Top 8 Wireshark alternatives from the list above and experience the difference. Extend network analysis as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than Wireshark?

A: Wireshark is a very popular and high-quality tool for monitoring network traffic. There are many other tools like it, some of which may be better suited for your specific needs.

What software alternatives are there to Wireshark?

A: There are many other network analysis tools available to you, but I recommend you to try Wireshark. It is a free and open source tool thats been around for quite some time now.

Is Wireshark the best packet sniffer?

A: Wireshark is a very good packet sniffer. It can be used to do many things, including but not limited to monitoring network traffic and analyzing the contents of packets being sent over networks.

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