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Storage Wars is a reality television show that airs on the A&E Network. The show is hosted by Dave Hester and follows auctions of storage units in which an individual or couple can purchase for a minimum bid price.

Atascadero Storage Wars is a reality show that airs on the A&E Network. The show follows people who are trying to sell their storage units at auctions.

A sitting Pismo Beach city council member has filed a lawsuit against the city of Atascadero and its members.

ATASCADERO — On July 13, Pismo Beach City Council Member Scott Newton filed a lawsuit against Mayor Pro Tem Heather Newsom and Councilmember Susan Funk, alleging that they were biased against a mini-storage project proposed by Newton and should have recused themselves from a City Council appeal hearing on June 8.

Newton claims that the city of Atascadero has participated in a “campaign of delay and obstruction in processing Petitioner-applications Plaintiff’s to develop a piece of property legally zoned for self-storage and with the right General Plan designation for self-storage,” according to court papers. “Newton claims that Respondents-Defendants are prejudiced and have acted on their unreasonable animus and ill intent against Newton and the Project,” the paper continues.

Newton added, “We constantly hearing about neighborhood compatibility.” “No matter how many times we’ve asked them what they want, none of them have been able to respond. What they desire is referred to as a “unicorn project” by my planner, which means “something that may or may not exist.”

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


A letter from Kate Neiswender dated June 1 (“Letter”) also included accusations of prejudice. City Attorney Brian Pierik produced an eight-page Supplemental Staff Report with numerous documents that was uploaded on the City’s website in response to the bias accusations, concluding that the charges are without substance. 

The Supplemental Staff Report in its entirety may be seen at Alternatively, you may email the City Clerk’s Office at [email protected]

The lawsuit ignores the Supplemental Staff Report, which included many answers to the accusations of prejudice, according to the City of Atascadero. The city of Atascadero has given two examples:

Heather Newsom voted in favor of the resolution to present the ordinance, eliminate the proposed modification to the public zone, and continue to allow small storage by Conditional Use Permit at the City Council Meeting on Jan. 28, 2020, which was not included in the Letter or the Complaint.

The Letter and the lawsuit both omit to disclose that Susan Funk’s Facebook page has a video she uploaded on May 7 in which she read from her appeal (Attachment 6 to Staff Report) and stated: 

“…As council members, we must be open to all issues and refrain from making a judgment until we have heard the whole hearing and received everyone’s input. That is why we have public hearings so that we can collect all of that information and everyone has a chance to speak before the council makes a decision. And I’m sticking to my word, and I’m looking forward to obtaining a photo that will assist… Perhaps it will assist some of the rest of you, but it will certainly assist me in comprehending this project.” 

These assertions were made in the first and only Press Release that the City plans to publish in connection with this litigation. They want to remind people that a plaintiff’s claims in a lawsuit must be proved in court. As a result, the appropriate venue for dealing with a lawsuit is in court, and the City, Mayor Pro Tem Heather Newsom, and Council Member Susan Funk plan to make their cases there. As a result, outside of a judicial environment, all of the aforementioned parties refused to comment on the case.

The project was brought back before the Planning Commission in August 2019 and approved on a 3-2 vote with two Commissioners missing.

“Our goal is that the City Council decision will be overturned and the Planning Commission clearance will stand, allowing me to offer a great storage option to the Atascadero community,” Newton said.

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