Gary Ballance and Tim Bresnan both deny Azeem Rafiq claims

Two cricketers have denied claims of spot-fixing. Gary Ballance and Tim Bresnan deny the allegations levelled against them, ensuring that they will continue to be part of English cricket team for their upcoming Ashes series in Australia.

Alex Hales has denied claims made by Azeem Rafiq. The England batsman said that he was not the person who had been accused of match-fixing and that his name had been “taken out of context.”

During his two stints at Yorkshire, Gary Ballance played with Azeem Rafiq.

Gary Ballance, a former England batter, has denied failing a recreational drugs test at Yorkshire.

In his witness testimony concerning racism at Yorkshire, former teammate Azeem Rafiq alleged that the club “protected Ballance with regards to his drug and alcohol troubles.”

Yorkshire instead notified the public that he was missing games due to mental health concerns, according to Rafiq.

Ballance’s spokesperson refuted the particular charges made.

According to a statement, “these charges are totally false and should never have been made.”

“Gary has never failed a drug test to his knowledge, and he has no intention of doing so.”

Yorkshire has also been contacted for comment.

As part of his employment tribunal against Yorkshire, Rafiq delivered a witness statement.

It was released after the former Yorkshire bowler spoke before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee about his racial encounters during his two stints at the club.

“YCCC has shielded Gary Balance with regard to his drug and alcohol troubles throughout the years, enabling him to skip drug hair sample tests to escape punishment,” according to the statement.

“After he failed a recreational drug test and was forced to miss several games, the club announced to the public that he was missing games due to anxiety and mental health difficulties.”

Rafiq alleged racial language was used “constantly” at Yorkshire and that he was treated “inhumanely” after the miscarriage of his baby in 2017.

After Ballance took over as captain, he claimed the environment became “toxic,” and he called the batter’s behavior “disgusting.”

Ballance has already acknowledged to using racist comments at Rafiq because of his Pakistani ancestry. Ballance said he “truly regrets” the words he used in a long statement issued earlier in November.

Bresnan refutes charges of racism.

Tim Bresnan playing for WarwickshireTim Bresnan signed with Warwickshire in June 2020 after 19 years with Yorkshire.

Tim Bresnan of Warwickshire has “categorically disputed” claims of racism leveled against him by Rafiq.

Rafiq said in his witness testimony that during their time together at Headingley, Bresnan “often” made racial remarks about him, and that Bresnan’s behavior caused him to have “suicidal thoughts.”

“But it was lip service,” he added of Bresnan, who played 23 Tests and 85 one-day internationals for England.

Bresnan apologized to Rafiq for the bullying charges in a statement released Tuesday evening, but disputed the allegations of bigotry.

“I apologies completely for whatever role I played in Azeem Rafiq’s experience of being tormented at Yorkshire,” said the former England star.

“However, I must clearly refute his claim that I “often made racial statements.” This is completely untrue.”

Warwickshire County Council has said that they would look into Rafiq’s accusations, and that Bresnan will fully cooperate.

A statement stated, “We are very troubled to hear about Azeem’s direct charges against Tim Bresnan.”

“As a consequence, Warwickshire CCC will attempt to speak with Azeem as soon as possible so that we may fully comprehend the accusations.” Then we’ll chat to Tim to get his take on things.

“This is a sensitive situation since it concerns charges of Tim’s behavior when he was a member of another group. However, as we have already said, racism and bullying will not be accepted at Warwickshire, and we will not hesitate to investigate these incidents thoroughly and take appropriate action if required.”