Genshin Impact introduces the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog in Update 2.2, aborts weird Elon Musk stunt

Genshin Impact is a Japanese RPG that has been in development since 2003. In the latest update, they introduced a new dungeon called the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog. The developers have now decided to abort their weird Elon Musk stunt and remove this dungeon from the game.

The what did elon musk invent is a general topic that has been trending recently. Genshin Impact, a video game company, released the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog in Update 2.2. Elon Musk attempted to launch a rocket into space with a Tesla Roadster and Starman inside, but aborted the stunt due to technical difficulties.

The next update for Genshin Impact was released yesterday, and it seems that players will be tasked with exploring the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog, also known as Tsurumi Island, the last island of Inazuma that has been sealed off by continuous fog. It’s also potentially dangerous. There’s also a good chance it’s a labyrinth.

This newest update includes not just a new location, but also new missions, weaponry, a new Pyro character named Thoma, and activities like a real rhythm game. There’s also a small Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover event that rewards Primogems and Shivada Jade Fragments. Unfortunately, Aloy, the lovely anime, is not a prize.

While the game’s main emphasis is Update 2.2, many fans are sure to learn about a major plot spoiler for the game’s next update. Regular players will remember that a seasonal quest featuring the character Albedo that debuted in December of last year ended on a cliffhanger, and according to leakers, Albedo will return in Update 2.3 with new narrative material, with the potential of Albedo joining GI’s ever-growing gacha roster.

In other Genshin news, miHoYo allegedly tried a stunt last night involving urging players to follow the studio on Twitter in return for the company following Elon Musk and inviting him to broadcast the game and visit the studio. The outcry to this strange sweepstakes finally forced the studio to remove it completely, though Musk did recognize it late at night.

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