Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds Review

Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds are the best earbuds for working out, with a sweat-proof design and 8 hours of battery life. They also come with a charging case to keep them charged during your workout.

The Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds Review is a review on the Hakii Action Pro earbuds. These earbuds provide great sound quality and are very durable.

The HAKII Action Pro is a set of TWS earbuds with a lot of features for sports and fitness fans. These are mid-priced earphones, costing $99. The HAKII Action comes with a variety of features, including an IPX7 waterproof certification, APTX Codec compatibility, CVC noise-cancellation, sport design, and more.

For certain people, particularly those in India, HAKII may be a new name. So, to give you a little overview, HAKII is a sub-brand of Havit, a well-known manufacturer of gaming and audio equipment. If you’re a gym rat and a fitness fanatic who’s considering purchasing HAKII Action, this article will answer all of your questions. This review will answer all of your questions about the product and will assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase it.


Contents of the Box

The following are the contents of the HAKII Action box:

  • Instructions for use
  • Charging cable for USB Type-C
  • Ear tips of two different sizes
  • Case for clothing
  • Earbuds with HAKII Action

Design, Build & Comfort

This section is split into two parts: the charging case design and the earphones design. When it comes to the charging case, it seems to be elegant and high-end. It features a beautiful shiny surface and a large oval form. The casing’s glossy surface may be damaged, but you can protect it with the case that comes with it.

Hakii Action Pro review

On the top, there is little HAKII branding that complements the style. The case is very large in size, yet it is light in weight. Given the size of the earphones, the firm has attempted to make the casing as small as possible.

The rear of the charging case includes a USB Type-C charging connection, and the bottom of the case features a little tiny button to reset the earphones. The case’s battery and charging state, as well as the earpiece’s, are shown by a small led light on the front side.

Hakii Action Pro review

On the interior of the casing, there is a mechanical lead that works well. The magnet is powerful, making opening and closing the case extremely smooth and simple, giving it a premium feel. In the charging case, the earpiece is seated in a human ear-like position.

Hakii Action Pro review

The design of these TWS earbuds is very ergonomic, and they fit well in the ear. Hakii Action Pro features soft silicone ear tips that can be changed to fit your ear size, which is a nice touch. The silicone ear tips are very soft and pleasant, allowing you to use them for long periods of time without feeling any pain or discomfort.

The Hakii Action Pro additionally features silicon ear fins that hold the buds in place without creating an irritation or blemish on the back of the ears.

Hakii Action Pro review

Do the Earbuds Maintain Their Connection?

The Hakii Action Pro earphones are equipped with Qualcomm’s newest QCC3040 processor, which allows for high-speed data transmission over Bluetooth 5.2. The initial connection of both earbuds, as well as the pairing of the earbuds with your smartphone or laptop, is very easy. I’d like to point out that the new Bluetooth 5.2 version offers reduced power usage, a more reliable connection, and quicker transmission.

In terms of connection dependability, I had no issues with Hakii Action in this regard. The connection is typically robust and can withstand a 10-meter range. I also put these earphones to the test during my gym time, and they didn’t cause any disruption or interference, even while I was moving around a lot.

Hakii Action Pro review

Another plus is that the earbuds support the aptx codec in addition to the standard SBC and AAC codecs. This is great news for iPhone users, since AAC is compatible with iOS. If you have an Android phone, though, you may still enjoy high-quality streaming thanks to the aptx codec.

A New Sport Has Arrived: Gaming!

The Hakii Action, as we all know, supports the aptX codec, which has a shorter latency than SBC and AAC. Furthermore, the earphones have a specialized gaming mode for gamers. By double-tapping the right earbud, you may easily activate or deactivate the game mode. I put these earphones to the test while playing PUBG Mobile, and trust me when I say they provide the greatest experience.

It’s Also Important to Use a Microphone!

Another important feature of these earphones is the microphone. It features four microphone sets, each with Qualcomm CVC noise-canceling technology for clear audio recording with low background noise. The microphone’s quality is adequate, and it performs well in an indoor setting. The CVC also helps to decrease continuous background noise (but not excessively) such as vehicle engine noise, fan noise, and other similar sounds. Regardless, the microphone experience was good.

Hakii Action Pro review

What about the life of the battery?

When it comes to battery life, the company doesn’t specify the size of the battery, but it claims up to 8 hours of playing time on a single earphone and 36 hours with the charging case. They’re right on the money and have always been accurate with their statistics. For the last week, I’ve been using these totally wireless earphones as my daily driver, and they’ve lasted me approximately 6 to 7 hours of continuous music playing (70 percent volume). It manages to provide 27-27 hours of playing time with a charging case.

Hakii Action Pro review

Another strong feature of these earphones is their charging period, which goes from zero to 100 percent in little under 1 hour and 50 minutes. Each earbud can be used for almost two hours after just 10 minutes of charging, which is particularly useful if the battery level is low at the conclusion of your workday or at the start of your journey. Wireless charging is also supported by the Hakii Action.

Sound Quality

The earbuds include a 10mm DLC dynamic driver for clean and balanced sound. The loudness quality isn’t great, but the entire sound staging excellent. At a high level, the sound from the earphone is pleasant and relaxing. The audio output is clear, with well-balanced musical notes. The earphones’ bass is powerful and deep. The good news is that the bass note isn’t too loud, which means the voice and treble aren’t overwhelmed. Overall, the Hakii Action Pro delivers a well-balanced, respectable soundstage.

Hakii Action Pro Review

The upper mids and highs are particularly well-detailed. The sound has a large sound stage and excellent separation. The sound produced by these earphones is energizing. Overall, it offers the kind of sound quality you’d expect from a pair of sports earphones.

Final Thoughts

The Hakii Action are the most comfortable sport & workout earbuds around and make huge improvements over the normal TWS earbuds. An IPX7 rating ensures water resistance for nearly all workouts activities, and the Sport Earbuds aren’t just durable & comfortable: they sound good too. Hakii Action’s feature set isn’t as impressive as one would hope, given the high cost of the Sport Earbuds, but you can easily ignore that if comfort is your main priority. For more info please check our full detailed review of Hakii Action on our Youtube Channel .


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