New World delays server transfers to fix ‘edge case’ problems – here’s how they’ll work

The New World team has announced that they will be delaying server transfers to fix an ‘edge case’ problem. This is the first time in over two years that this has happened, so it’s a big deal for players who want to transfer their characters.

New World players who are still trapped on servers they don’t want to be on due to the game’s prior huge waits are most likely waiting for the chance to switch to servers where their buddies are. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: you’ll have to wait a little longer since Amazon Games has identified some “edge case” difficulties with the technology, which means free server transfers will be delayed while the studio works to resolve the issues.

While this is disappointing news, the article does go into more detail on how server transfers will operate once everything is worked out. Players must first enter into the game (and wait in line again), quit any Company they may be a member of on their current server, and then go to the in-game shop to get their free server transfer token. All character, faction, and alliance progress, storage inventory, currencies, quest progress, and housing decor will be carried over after the transfer is completed, however no trading post orders or friends lists will. Characters may also only be transferred to other servers in the same area if they aren’t full, down for maintenance, or already have another character on them.

“We understand that Server Transfers are a big deal, and we’re working hard to make sure you have the greatest experience possible,” the article concludes. “Thank you for your patience; we expect transfers to be ready next week.”