Roblox’s business model prompts fresh accusations of child labor exploitation

Roblox is currently under fire for claims of a business model that entirely revolves around exploiting children. The company has denied these accusations, but the damage may have already been done.

Roblox’s business model has been under fire for a while because of accusations of child labor exploitation. The company claims that they are not exploiting children and that they have policies in place to prevent it.

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We used to think of Roblox as “that kids game with ridiculously large numbers of active players.” However, as we discovered in August, this upbeat and popular façade was concealing a predatory business model that essentially profited from child labor.

Roblox is set for a harsh awakening as more and more sections of the gaming business become aware of its unethical activities. People Make Games (whom Roblox Corp. tried to suppress) and have both published fresh exposés on the dark side of Roblox – and it’s fairly damning stuff, including minors being solicited and youngsters being pushed to bet with real money.

“If there’s one conclusion,” observed, “it’s that Big Tech and video games in general are actively pushing into sectors that are poorly understood and governed much worse.” “Child labor laws were not designed to account for kids creating digital items for other people to resell within a closed ecosystem for company scrip that can be cashed out into actual currency after the company takes an outsized cut of the proceeds after the company takes an outsized cut of the proceeds.”


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