[SOLVED] How to Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed: 2021

PlayStation Network is currently experiencing issues, if you are having trouble signing in to your account. Sony has released a statement on the issue saying that they will provide more information soon and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outage.

The “playstation network sign in failed 2020” is a problem that has been present for a while. Sony has released a fix for the issue.

When you attempt to log into PlayStation Network, you receive a message that says “Sign In Failed.” If you answered yes, then this post is for you. You will learn about the remedies to this issue in this article.

PlayStation Network Sign in Failed Signing in to the PlayStation Network was unsuccessful.

Sony’s PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming systems in the world. Since its debut in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has remained at the top of the gaming console list throughout the globe, with excellent titles accessible on this platform. One feature of modern gaming consoles, notably Sony’s PlayStation, is that it often encounters the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” issue, which may destroy any gamer’s mood. To help you get out of this scenario, I’m going to discuss the causes of this problem and how to fix it in today’s post.

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PlayStation Network Sign In Failed as a Cause

When your PlayStation displays the message “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed,” you can be confident that there isn’t a single or unique cause. There are a few things that might cause you to receive the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem when you try to log into your PlayStation. All of the causes for this issue are listed below; you may read them all to fully comprehend them.

PlayStation Network Sign In Failed as a Cause
The first reason is because the login credentials are incorrect.
Reason 2: An ISP error
IP Address Banned is the third reason.
Reason #4: Server Upkeep

why playstation network sign in failed Why did the PlayStation Network sign-in attempt fail?

Login credentials are incorrect.

It is conceivable, and it occurs often, for a lot of gamers to enter the Wrong Login Credentials. It’s possible that you lost your login or password and attempted to log in to the PlayStation server using the wrong information. After three failed attempts at logging in, you should consider retrieving your information rather than attempting to log in again, since this may result in an IP ban. So, if you forget your Login Credentials, attempt to recover them as quickly as possible; else, you can end up with a headache.

playstation-network-wrong-credentials PlayStation-network-wrong-credentials

Error from the Internet Service Provider

If you wish to connect to the PlayStation Network, your PlayStation console and ISP (Internet Service Provider) will normally work together to assist you locate the PlayStation server and then access the information on it. This is accomplished in two parts, the first of which is DNS/Name Resolution and the second of which is Data Transmission To Your PlayStation.

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If your ISP’s PlayStation DNS is down, this IP may not’resolve,’ and you’ll have issues connecting to the PS network server. In terms of the data sent to your PlayStation, it’s possible that your ISP is experiencing issues with routing and proxy. This is normally a short-term issue that you may just wait to be remedied. In many circumstances, changing the proxy settings on PlayStation may fix the problem, although this isn’t always the case.

PlayStation Error from ISP ISP Error on PlayStation

Banned IP Address

Please note that if you are facing an IP ban, it is in place to safeguard the PlayStation server from misuse. To check whether you’re prohibited from accessing the PlayStation server, go into PSN with your account as normal and observe what type of connection problem message you get. The IP Address ban window will appear if the reason for the ban is because of your IP address.

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Attempting to log in too many times in a short period of time, or with invalid credentials, is the most typical situation for being denied by the PlayStation server. The number of login attempts on most systems is limited in time. So, rather than risk being barred, change your password if you find yourself mistyping your username and password multiple times.

Banned IP Address PlayStation PlayStation IP Address Banned

Upkeep of the server

If you own a PlayStation, you’re probably aware that Sony does periodic maintenance on the PlayStation server to keep it running properly. While you will be able to check in to PlayStation Network, play games, and use most programs while the server is undergoing normal maintenance, you should be aware that Account Management and PlayStation Video will be unavailable until the maintenance period has concluded.

Playstation Server Maintenance Server Upkeep on PlayStation

How to Recover a Failed PlayStation Network Sign-In [2021]

There are a few things to bear in mind or procedures to take to get rid of the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem that prevents you from signing in to your PlayStation Network and preventing you from playing PlayStation games. The many solutions to this issue are listed below.

How to Recover from a PlayStation Network Sign In Error
1st Fix: Login Automation
Fix 2: Update the Firmware on Your PS4
Fix 3: Disconnect from the media server
Change DNS settings (fix 4)
Fix number five is to rebuild the database.
Fix 6: Reset Your PS4 to Factory Defaults

Fix PlayStation Network Sign In Failed How to Recover a Failed PlayStation Network Sign-In

1st Fix: Login Automation

You may use automatic login to repair the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” error since it will let you connect in to PlayStation on its own and you won’t have to manually log in. To have PlayStation automatically log you in, go to Settings and choose the User option. Second, go to Login Settings and check the option to Log in PlayStation Automatically. Finally, restart your console and sign in again to verify whether the problem has been resolved.

Fix 2: Update the Firmware on Your PS4/PS5

It’s possible that your PlayStation is to blame for the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem. You may do this by updating the firmware on your PlayStation. You may manually upgrade the firmware or use an external storage device to do so. To manually upgrade the firmware, go to Settings on your console and choose System Software Update. After clicking Update Now, read the System Software License Agreement after the download is complete. Then, to confirm your decision, click Accept and hit the X button. After you’ve finished doing this, try logging into PlayStation to check whether the problem is still present.

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Fix 3: Disconnect from the media server

Because of the Media Server Connection, it’s likely that the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem is present on your PlayStation. You might try disabling the Media Server Connection to determine whether the problem with your PlayStation is still present. To turn off the Media Server Connection, go to Settings and then pick Network from the drop-down box. The Media Server Connection option will appear. The Media Server Connection will be deactivated when you click the option to disable it.

PlayStation Server Connection Connection to the PlayStation Server

Change DNS settings (fix 4)

The restricted IP address might be the source of the “PlayStation Network Sign In Failed” problem. You may also try modifying DNS settings to unblock the IP address. You must first go to Settings and then to Network to update the DNS settings. Select Internet Connection Setup from the Network menu, then Use Wi-Fi to connect to the network and finally Custom. After that, choose the Wi-Fi network you wish to use and choose Automatic for the IP Address Settings.

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On the DHCP Host Name page, choose Do Not Specify, then Manual under DNS Settings, and then Google DNS (Primary DNS –, Secondary DNS – Then, to proceed, click the Next button. When you’ve completed all of these processes and get to MTU Settings, pick Manual and then 1456 as the MTU value. Finally, under Proxy Server, choose Do Not Use. Then choose Test Internet Connection from the drop-down menu. Please attempt to sign in to PlayStation Network again when the test is completed to determine whether the problem is still present.

PS4 DNS Settings PS4 DNS Configuration

Fix number five is to rebuild the database.

If the bulk of the alternatives aren’t working for you, you might consider recreating the database. You must first turn off your PlayStation in order to restore the database. Second, press and hold the Power button for eight seconds. Now, use a charging wire to connect your dual shock 4 to your PlayStation, and then hit the PlayStation button. Finally, scroll down to the option for a rebuilt database and hit X. As a result, you’ve completed the rebuilding of your database.

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Fix #6: Reset Your PS4/PS5 to Factory Defaults

If nothing else seems to be working, try resetting your PS4/PS5 to factory settings. To reset the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, go to Settings and select Initialization. To conduct a complete factory reset, pick Initialize PS4/PS5 and then Full on the following screen. Finally, you’ve completed the resetting process. Before you reset your PS4/PS5, bear in mind that you will lose all of your data on your internal drive, and you will not be able to recover it. So consider this idea after giving it some thought.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Why does it indicate PlayStation network sign-in failed in the first place? Answer: The PlayStation network sign-in failed problem may occur for a variety of reasons, including incorrect login credentials, ISP error, banned IP address, server maintenance, and so on.

What does “PSN network sign-in failed” mean? FAQ 2: What does “PSN network sign-in failed” mean? Answer: If your PlayStation network sign-in fails, you will be unable to log in to your account and will also be unable to play any games on your PlayStation.

PlayStation 4 Network Error Error Connecting to the Internet on the PlayStation 4

This article covers the advice as well as the solutions for PlayStation network sign in failure. If the fault persists, contact the support staff or take it to a repair location near you. Also, if you’re new to us, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest PlayStation news.

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The “playstation network sign in failed ps3” is a problem that has been present for a while. Sony has released 2021 fixes to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cant sign into PlayStation network an error has occurred?

A: You may be experiencing an error with your account. In order to fix this, please try the following:

Why does my PS4 keep saying an error has occurred when I try to sign in?

A: The PlayStation Network is frequently undergoing maintenance and downtime. This can cause the error to occur while you are trying sign in or when you try load a game like Minecraft. If this persists, make sure your internet connection is not interrupted by other devices or users on your network.

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