The Eagles Find Themselves in a Frighteningly Familiar Dilemma That Threatens to Derail Jalen Hurts’ Career

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a familiar position this season. They’re once again the most popular team in the NFL, but they’re also one of the worst teams in football.

The did jalen hurts get traded is a story that has been circulating the internet for a while now. It follows the Eagles and Jalen Hurts, who were both drafted in 2016.

Jalen Hurts is just three games into his crucial second season in the NFL, but if he doesn’t prove to be the Philadelphia Eagles’ solution moving forward, he may be replaced by another quarterback in the 2018 draft. The 23-year-old has 14 games left to persuade the Eagles organization to construct a future around him.

Hurts’ future prospects took a blow following his dreadful performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, and it’s only going to get worse now that the Eagles are without three of their five starting offensive lineman.

With the Eagles, Jalen Hurts is in a make-or-break season.

Jalen Hurts will be playing behind three backup offensive linemen.

Jalen Hurts will be playing behind three backup offensive linemen. During a game against the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts looks on | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Hurts and the Eagles will be interesting to watch in the 2021-22 NFL season. Given the obvious deficiencies on the roster, there isn’t much pressure on the rookie quarterback to lead his club to a playoff spot, but he still has to perform well to persuade team owner Jeffrey Lurie and executive vice president Howie Roseman that he’s the guy going forward.

If Hurts fails during the season and Philadelphia ends up with a high draft selection next year, the club will have little option but to consider drafting a quarterback in the first round. Following all, Roseman wants the team to be a “quarterback factory,” which is why he selected Hurts in the second round after Carson Wentz’s one-and-done season.

Hurts didn’t help his cause in a Monday night primetime start against the Cowboys. He threw two terrible turnovers and was off-target with most of his passes all night, while passing for 326 yards and two touchdowns (mainly in garbage time). Dallas also returned one of those interceptions for a score.

Hurts’ accuracy and arm strength were his two greatest criticisms coming out of college, and both showed up under the spotlight in a humiliating defeat to the Eagles’ fiercest opponent. If he wants to return to Philadelphia as the starter next season, he’ll have to turn things around fast.

The Eagles are dealing with an all-too-familiar problem.

The Eagles have lost three-fifths of their starting offensive line. This season, B. Brooks and J. Mailata will return – Mailata before Brooks — but the O-line room will be familiar territory.

September 28, 2021 — Zach Berman (@ZBerm)

The greatest narrative in Philadelphia over the last several seasons has been injuries piling up at inconvenient moments. And which position has been most affected by the injury bug? The offensive line is where it all starts.

Due to a ruptured Achilles tendon, right guard Brandon Brooks will miss the entire 2020 season. Lane Johnson, the right tackle, played in just seven games last season due to a persistent ankle ailment. With different ailments, left guard Isaac Seumalo and left tackle Jason Peters both missed nearly half of the season. Jason Kelce has been the lone starter who has been able to remain on the field consistently throughout his career, and that seems to be the case again this season.

Brooks has already missed the most of the season due to a torn pectoral muscle. Jordan Mailata, the starting left tackle, sprained his knee in practice last week and will be out for at least a few weeks. The Eagles also lost Seumalo for the season with a fractured foot in their humiliating defeat to the Cowboys on Monday.

That’s three starting lineman out of the lineup in the first three weeks of the season, if you’re keeping count at home. It’s déjà vu all over again for an Eagles team that can’t seem to get a break, and Hurts may be the next victim of the club’s bad luck with injuries.

Jalen Hurts’ career may be jeopardized by a nightmare.

A quarterback’s offensive line determines how good he is in the NFL. We witnessed what happened to Wentz when his ravaged offensive line couldn’t keep him upright for two seasons in a row, and he’s still dealing with the aftereffects of all the hits he took in Philadelphia.

Hurts will now have to work with three backups in the coming weeks. The risk of a severe injury increases, but Hurts will struggle to be successful in the pocket if he is under continuous pressure for the whole of the game.

Hurts, the second-year quarterback, seemed confused behind a patchwork line on Monday night, and we may see more of the same from him in the future. Hurts may suffer the same fate as Wentz last summer if things don’t improve for him the remainder of the season.

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The who do eagles take at 12 is a question that has been asked many times over the past few years. The Eagles find themselves in a frighteningly familiar dilemma that threatens to derail Jalen Hurts’ career.

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